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What would be better than winning your way to the National Final of the Genesis Golf Link Cup in 2018?

Sure, you can still do your best in the individual comp – but what if you could get some help?

Be there with three of your friends or family as part of the Genesis Golf Link Cup teams competition!


Entries have now closed for Series Two - you can check the current leaderboard here.


Teams from across Australia have joined together with friends and family and registered for the Genesis Golf Link Cup Teams Competition. Whether you are playing at the same club or in different states we can use the power of the Genesis Golf Link Cup to bring your scores together and place your team into the Genesis Golf Link Cup Teams Competition national leaderboard.

To register your team, all team members need to be registered participants in the Genesis Golf Link Cup and pay the team entry fee ($30 per person or $120 per team) - then just play your normal competition golf. Team members will need 6 competition rounds each to qualify for the national final and the team total will be calculated by combining each players individual Genesis Golf Link Cup Score (players best 5 and worst 1 round).

The top team from Series Two will join the already qualified Box Hill Golfers who topped the Teams Competition in Series One as well as the individual finalists at the Genesis Golf Link Cup National Final. In 2018 the Genesis Golf Link Cup National Final will be played during the Australian Open week at a prestigious Sydney golf course on Friday November 16th and all finalists will then enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience on the Saturday of the 2018 Australian Open thanks to Official Partner, Genesis. 

This a great opportunity to experience Sydney and the Australian Open with your friends or family whilst competing in Australia's biggest golf competition thanks to Genesis.

You will need the Golf Link Numbers of all members in your team to complete the registration.

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