Week One Win Worth the Wait

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 13/07/2018 9:07am

It was a victory more than 20 years in the making for Genesis Golf Link Cup Series Two Week One C Grade winner Christine Byrne.

That’s how long the Royal Sydney member wanted to take up the game but could never really find the time.

The Moore Park driving range became an outlet but it wasn’t until 18 months ago that Christine took the next step and got a handicap.

“My parents are both keen golfers and sometimes as a kid on family holidays we would have a round but it was just hit and giggle,” she said.

“But I always loved it. I’ve been a tennis player most of my life but I always planned to play golf one day and now that my kids have grown up I’m finally getting to do it.”

Christine says she would often go to the driving range to hit balls over the years but never felt there was enough time for a full commitment to the game until recently

“I would go to the range at Moore Park and hit balls quite often which I enjoyed but of course it’s nothing like actually playing,” she says.

“Since I’ve got my handicap and started playing competition it’s a whole new world that has opened up and it’s everything I hoped it would be.”

Christine says she is a naturally competitive type and her handicap has come down from 45 to 33 since she started playing seriously though her goal is to get into the 20’s as soon as possible.

“I’m naturally competitive and golf is a perfect outlet for that,” she says. “It’s not like any other sport because you can only really compete against yourself.

“I just go out and try to play my very best every time and sometimes it’s good enough and sometimes it’s not.”

Christine’s 42 point effort at Royal Sydney last week, including an outward half of 25 points, was one of those that was good enough and netted her a dozen Titleist Tour Soft golf balls for winning C Grade.

Head to the Winners Page to see the full list of winners from Week 1. 

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