Tour winner Hadwin puts honeymoon on hold

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 13/03/2017 11:53am

It might be the only poor decision Callaway staffer Adam Hadwin has made recently. The PGA Tour’s newest winner is planning to get married in two weeks, which isn’t a bad decision. But organising a honeymoon that takes in the week of the year’s first major at Augusta National?

That’s hardly good course management for a golfer who used his full bag of Callaway equipment to post a 59 at the Careerbuilder Challenge just two months ago.

Hadwin earned a place at next month’s Masters with a one shot win at the Valspar Championship in Florida this morning and is now in the process of reorganising his honeymoon.

- Hadwin was using the new Callaway GBB Epic Driver and 3 Wood. Find out what else was in his bag on

Between now and then, though, he’ll also miss the World Golf Championship Match Play event in Texas, another big time tournament he didn’t expect to qualify for when he and fiancé Jessica set the date for their big day.

“You know, it's just one of those things that those events were so far off my radar at that point when we booked venues and all that,” he said in his post victory media conference.

“You know, I can tell you, I looked at it as, hey, we picked it the week of Puerto Rico; not we picked it the week of the WGC (laughter).

“Pretty important milestone coming up in our lives, pretty excited for that.”

Hadwin joked he was now hoping he could claim a refund.

“I'm just hoping I get my deposit back,” he said to roars of laughter.

“You laugh like I'm joking; I'm serious here. I understand I won a nice cheque this week, but I don't like to throw money away .

“Luckily we were kind of smart about it. We booked refundable airfare tickets, so I can get that back.

“But the hotel deposit, I might have to work with the Four Seasons on that.”

Hadwin was a model of tenacity at the Innisbrook Resort’s Copperhead Course in the final round when a four shot lead early in the back nine evaporated with a clumsy double bogey at the 16th hole.

The 2014 Tour graduate hung tough with pars at the final two holes of the course’s famed ‘Snake Pit’ to edge American Patrick Cantlay by one.

It is Hadwin’s first PGA Tour victory.

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