Tony The Heart Of Seasiders Team

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 06/09/2018 9:46am

Opportunities to play as a team don’t come along often in golf so when they do, you grab them.

That’s the mindset of Tony Hayward, captain of the 'Seasiders’ team who are currently running second in the Series Two Genesis Golf Link Cup Teams Competition.

Tony joined forces with fellow Port Macquarie Golf Club members Stefan Walker, Chris Baker and Bruce Heath earlier this month to enter the team and try to encourage a bit of home club rivalry.

“I think we’re the only team from Port Macquarie at the moment but I’d like to see a few more,” says Tony, who is both a board member and publicity officer for the club.

“If we can be challenging for that top spot and even make it to the final I think that will encourage a bit of internal rivalry and that would be great.”

Playing aside, Tony is also working on another important project at Port Macquarie that is a little closer to home.

He suffered a cardiac arrest on the course in February 2017 and it was only good luck that it happened near the clubhouse and help was at hand.

“The guy I was playing with was a surf lifesaver and he started doing CPR but he wasn’t compressing the chest hard enough,” says Tony.

“Luckily there was a nurse not far away and he saw what was happening and jumped in to help and then the operations manager came out with the defibrillator and between them they saved my life.

“I was unbelievably lucky but it made me realise that if it had happened out on the course I might not have been so I’ve been working ever since to try to get more defibrillators on the course.

“We’ve got one in the clubhouse and one in the greenkeepers shed but hopefully soon we’ll have another two on the course, one on the front nine and one on the back.”

Tony says that incident has changed his perspective on a lot of things, golf included, and while it’s a small issue he says forming a Genesis Golf Link Cup team is part of his new outlook.

“You just don’t get to play as a team that often in golf, especially not a four-man team,” he says.

“We play a lot of four ball obviously but to have a team of four is a bit special and when the opportunity came along to be a part of it I thought why not?

“We’re all going quite well in the Genesis Golf Link Cup so we’ll be competitive but just being in a team and all the ribbing and everything else that goes with it is just fantastic.

“And as I said, I’m also hoping it might encourage a few others at the club to get on board. It would be great if we had a couple of teams and a bit of internal rivalry amongst ourselves.”

It’s not too late to enter for Series Two of the Genesis Golf Link Cup Teams Competition. To submit your team of four simply click here and fill out the form.

The team with the best score at the end of the Series will book themselves a place in the National Final, to be played at Concord Golf Club on the Friday of Australian Open week.

Finalists will also attend Saturday Of the Australian Open in the Genesis Marquee at The Lakes Golf as all the action of the nation’s most important tournament unfolds right in front of them.

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