Melissa on cloud nine after big Week One performance

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 09/03/2017 12:34pm

As a recent convert to the game, Melissa Glenn was somewhat nervous about entering official competitions.

As the C Grade runner-up in Week One of Series One of the 2017 Genesis Golf Link Cup, she’s glad she took the plunge.

Melissa, a member at The National Golf Club on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula for a little over a year, had a good old fashioned day out in just her 25th official competition to record a 34,428 point round and win herself a dozen Callaway Super Soft golf balls.

“I only started playing a bit over a year ago after doing a Swing Fit program at Moonah Links,” said an ecstatic Melissa.

“I was surprised at just how taken I was with the game but the pro who was running the program, Phil Boulton, just made it so much fun and so easy to learn.

“I decided pretty soon after completing the program that I wanted to play quite a bit and went through the process of joining a club.”

Like most beginners, however, Melissa initially found the thought of playing competition golf an intimidating one though has now overcome that problem.

“It’s all so new when you start and you always think you’re not good enough to play in the comps with the more experienced golfers,” she said.

“But of course you realise pretty quickly after you take the plunge that there’s really nothing to be worried about and all the other ladies are really lovely.”

Under the new look scoring format for the 2017 Genesis Golf Link Cup, where only a player’s best score each week counts regardless of how many rounds they have played, Melissa’s excellent round last Saturday paid big dividends.

“I’ve never played so well in my life, just everything seemed to go right,” said the now 36 marker.

“People keep telling me that golf is like that, that every once in a while it all comes together and if that’s true I can’t wait for it to happen again.

“It was so much fun and if I wasn’t hooked on the game before then I definitely am now!”


Melissa took out second place in C Grade with 34,428 points - click here to see the rest of the winners from Week 1 at a National Level, and at YOUR club.


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