Meet Warrnambool's Week 12 Winning Women

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 28/09/2018 6:54am

Marc Leishman might be Warrnambool Golf Club’s best known golfer but fellow members Marian McKenzie and Karen Jenkins achieved a rare feat in Week 12 of the Genesis Golf Link Cup.

The pair finished first and second in C Grade for the week, an unlikely and impressive performance in a competition with more than 104,000 players from more than 1,400 clubs.

Both Marian and Karen teed up in Golf Victoria’s Country Women’s Spring Tournament at Barwon Heads and Curlewis Golf Club last Thursday and Friday and did Warrnambool proud with their play.

Karen’s nett 70 Thursday was good enough to win the day while Marian produced a stunning nett 64 Friday to continue to do the club proud.

Both said were pleasantly surprised not only with their play at the event but also their result in the Genesis Golf Link Cup.

“I had a 10 on my first hole Thursday so I didn’t think I had much chance after that,” says Karen with a laugh.

“But I must have played without making too many mistakes after that because I was surprised to see the score I had when I added everything up at the end of the round.”

There were no such disasters Friday for Marian who says she hasn’t "played like that for ages".

“I nearly parred the first two holes so it was a good start,” says the 28-marker.

“And then everything just went right after that. I kept thinking to myself ‘How is this happening?’ but it did so I was pretty happy.”

Both Marian and Karen came to the game later in life and both say they play less for the competition and more for the friendships and camaraderie the game gives them.

“I don’t like the idea of practising too much because you waste all your good shots,” says Marian with a laugh.

“I’m not too good at practising, either,” Karen agrees. “I like the competition of playing which you don’t get from practising but it’s more about the friends you make and the social side of the game for me.”

Marian – who went on to win the overall Nett prize for the week – has earned herself a dozen Titleist Tour Soft golf balls for her play while Karen will receive a dozen Titleist Velocity golf balls.

Visit the Winners Page to see the full list of winners from Week 12.

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