Last minute charge gets Box Hill Golfers to National Final

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 05/07/2018 1:12pm

According to the old saying, slow and steady wins the race and the winners of the Series One Genesis Golf Link Cup teams event would concur but with one minor adjustment: throw in a bit of late brilliance to get you across the line.

The Box Hill Golfers team of Simon Carman, Herb Trobbiani, Tony Douge and Rob Tynan booked their place in the inaugural Teams Event National Final thanks to a run of consistently good golf mixed with a dashing late round from Rob to ultimately seal the deal.

According to unofficial team captain and organiser Simon Carman, the four were travelling nicely in the competition when Rob produced the game changing round, a plus five result in a Sunday par event.

“I think that was the one that really clinched it,” says Simon.

“We were all in the top eight at the club at the time and when he had that round Rob moved up to second and in the end we finished as the top four players.

“It had been a good run for all of us up to that point but I reckon that was the one that really did it for us.”

Simon said while the four are good mates they don’t generally play together but when he found out about the teams competition he thought he would check the club leaderboard to see who was doing well.

“When I looked at it we were all going pretty well and I thought it was worth asking if they’ve be interested in entering,” he said.

“They were all keen so I signed us up and here we are. It’s pretty amazing, really.

“I knew we were going all right but you never really expect to win something like this so it’s pretty exciting.”

Simon said all four were keen to get to Sydney to both play the final and attend the Australian Open in the Genesis Marquee.

“When I found out and told the guys we’d won and they were all a bit surprised but really excited as well,” he said.

“They were all thanking me for putting the team together. It’s just amazing and we can’t wait to get to Sydney and soak it all in.”

2018 is the first year of the Teams Competition and with Series Two now underway it’s time to sign up your team and see if you can get through to do battle with Simon and the Box Hill gang at the National Final.

To register a team simply head to Teams Page, fill out the form and you’ll be on your way.

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