Wounded Wayne Your Week 13 Winner

  • The Tournament Director
  • 27/10/2017 6:32am

It’s one of the oldest sayings in golf and Week 13 C Grade runner-up Wayne Stacey proves the adage ‘beware the wounded golfer’.

Callaway boosts stable of young guns

  • The Tournament Director
  • 26/10/2017 3:55pm

The only place where professional golf might be more competitive than on the course is in the world of equipment endorsements.

The major manufacturers are always looking to entice current and future stars of the game to use their equipment and Callaway Golf recently scored a coup in signing two of the most promising players of recent times.

The Top 25: Week 13 Teams Leaderboard

  • The Tournament Director
  • 23/10/2017 4:18pm

The Yarra Triers have consolidated their lead at the top of the Series Two Teams Leaderboard. The team from the Murray region in NSW extended their score by 5,000 points while the teams trailing them fell away in Week 13.

Feature Club: Monash Country Club, NSW

  • The Tournament Director
  • 20/10/2017 9:33am

Set high above the northern beaches of Sydney and with unencumbered views of the Pacific Ocean below, Monash Country Club is among the most scenic metropolitan golf clubs that Australia has to offer.

PB for Peter tops in Week 12

  • The Tournament Director
  • 20/10/2017 8:12am

Many a great round has started with a bogey and so it was when Week 12 A Grade winner Peter Neill thinned a gap wedge through the green at his opening hole before going on to fire a personal best of 1-under at his home course of Murrumbidgee in Canberra.

The Top 25: Week 12 Teams Leaderboard

  • The Tournament Director
  • 16/10/2017 12:03pm

The Yarra Triers are back in charge of the Genesis Golf Link Cup Teams Competition in Series Two!

On the back of outstanding performances from team members Dot, Phil and Stephen, the team sits on top of the leaderboard at the end of Week 12, but not as comfortably as they'd like - with The Hardcases turning in a similar week to sit just 2,000 points behind.

Emirates Australian Open Classics: Royal Sydney Golf Club

  • The Tournament Director
  • 13/10/2017 11:16am

With 111 years of tournament history, the exclusive Royal Sydney Golf Club has seen some indelible golfing moments created as host of the Emirates Australian Open.

In the third and final Australian Open Classics article, we look back at the venue that has seen some of golf’s legends lift the Stonehaven Cup, as well as some contemporary players destined for greatness.

Luke laments lost years

  • The Tournament Director
  • 13/10/2017 4:45am

Most of us wish we started golf younger. What would our swing look like? What would our handicap be? Would we be pro? Probably (We can only dream - The Tournament Director).

Genesis Golf Link Cup Week 11 A Grade runner-up Luke Bacon is no different, although he's focused on the upcoming Wyong Club Championships rather than his professional future.

Win the golf trip of a lifetime thanks to Golf Month

  • The Tournament Director
  • 12/10/2017 12:08pm

Want to do your bit for golf AND have a chance to win a bucket list golf trip to four of the world’s most desirable courses in Tasmania and King Island?

Destination: Barnbougle, Tasmania

  • The Tournament Director
  • 06/10/2017 10:22am

Very few golf complexes in Australia share the same international reputation for excellence as Barnbougle.

Hear what course designer Mike Clayton, owner Richard Sattler, and Genesis Road Trip Prize Winners, Kerry and Stephen Hosking, think of the premium golfing destination

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