2018 National Finalist Profile: Box Hill Golfers

  • The Tournament Director
  • 25/09/2018 2:37pm

Name: Box Hill Golfers (Left to Right: Robert Tynan, Tony Douge, Simon Carman, Herb Trobbiani)
Home Club: Box Hill Golf Club
Qualifying Grade: Teams
Qualifying Score: 335,070

2018 National Finalist Profile: John Samaras

  • The Tournament Director
  • 24/09/2018 10:37am

Name: John Samaras
Home Club: North Adelaide Golf Club
Qualifying Grade: B Grade
Qualifying Score: 108,159

Peter's PB More Than 30 Years In The Making

  • The Tournament Director
  • 21/09/2018 5:45am

There are two golf days that stand out clearly in the memory of Week 11 Genesis Golf Link Cup A Grade winner Peter Bendeich and they came more than 30 years apart.

Feature Club: Pacific Dunes, NSW

  • The Tournament Director
  • 20/09/2018 9:58am

Pacific Dunes may only be in its youth, but the outstanding Port Stephens venue has already established itself as having one of New South Wales’ finest and fiercest tests of golf.

2018 National Finalist Profile: Elizabeth Chewter

  • The Tournament Director
  • 19/09/2018 2:27pm

Name: Elizabeth Chewter
Home Club: Scarborough Ladies
Qualifying Grade: Ladies
Qualifying Score: 105,059

2018 National Finalist Profile: Gerard Bradley

  • The Tournament Director
  • 17/09/2018 2:37pm

Name: Gerard Bradley
Home Club: Wagga Wagga Country Club
Qualifying Grade: C Grade
Qualifying Score: 112,375

Margaret Stuns In Club Championships

  • The Tournament Director
  • 14/09/2018 9:58am

Perhaps destiny played a role in Genesis Golf Link Cup Week 10 C Grade third placegetter Margaret Smith taking up the game.

Australian Open Moments: The History of The Lakes Golf Club

  • The Tournament Director
  • 13/09/2018 3:51pm

Sometime shortly before 7am on November 15 the first of 156 competitors will step to the tee and strike the opening shot of the 2018 Australian Open.

2018 National Final Experience

  • The Tournament Director
  • 13/09/2018 11:59am

With under two months until the top 24 golfers from the 2018 Genesis Golf Link Cup take on Concord Golf Club, here is a preview of what the National Finalists will get to experience. 

2018 National Finalist Profile: Jared Taylor

  • The Tournament Director
  • 13/09/2018 9:37am

Name: Jared Taylor
Home Club: Wantima Country Club
Qualifying Grade: B Grade
Qualifying Score: 118,635

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