About The Genesis Golf Link Cup

Australia's biggest golf competition is on again, and this year Genesis is proud to present the 2018 Genesis Golf Link Cup. The final will be held at Concord Golf Club on November 16th, and finalists will enjoy a VIP experience during the 2018 Australian Open thanks to Genesis.  In 2016 the Genesis became a major backer of golf in Australia, and will continue on in 2018 as the Official Partner of the Australian Open and the ISPS Handa Australian Open.

Series Two of the 2018 Genesis Golf Link Cup began on July 2nd at golf clubs around the country, with over 100,000 golfers taking part in Australia's most popular golf competition.

Remember - all you do is register and then play your regular competition golf. Golf Link takes care of all of the rest, aggregating millions of golf scores from around the country each year.

In Series Two this year, one lucky golfer who plays 6 or more qualifying rounds will win a new Genesis G80 luxury sedan valued at up to $80,000. 

Genesis is the new benchmark in sophistication, luxury and safety, winning the prestigious 2016 Australia’s Best Car - Large Car - under $70,000 for the second year running. 

With over 6,000 winners each week, this is one competition you won’t want to miss.

The Genesis Golf Link Cup final will be played during the Australian Open week at a prestigious Sydney golf course on Friday November 16th before the finalists enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience on the Saturday of the 2018 Australian Open thanks to Official Partner, Genesis. 

Here’s how the Genesis Golf Link Cup works. When you play a round of your regular competition golf, Golf Link automatically takes your score and calculates the Genesis Golf Link Cup points you have earned and adds them to your tally. Your best five rounds and 1 worst round during the series will be used to calculate your position on the leaderboard so the more rounds of your regular golf that you play, the more likely you are to rise up the rankings. You will be able to chart the progress of friends, fellow members and competition frontrunners and interact every time you post a score. It’s simple, exciting and you don’t have to do anything different, just register and play your regular golf and we’ll do the rest.

All you have to do to go into the major prize draw is play a minimum of six rounds of competition golf at your club or another in Australia. If you’re one of the top eight finishers in each Series, you’ll earn the right to play off in the Genesis Golf Link Cup final in Sydney and enjoy a VIP Hospitality experience at The Lakes Golf Club in Sydney during the 2018 Australian Open.



How do I accrue Genesis Golf Link Cup points?

Genesis Golf Link Cup points will be calculated by establishing the Z-score for each Stableford score returned in a club competition. This requires the establishment of a mean (average) score for each competition and then calculating the standard deviation. The Z-score is the number of standard deviations a given score is away from the mean in a relevant competition. This number will then be multiplied by 10,000. If you score 5 Stableford points better than the average of a competition with a standard deviation of 3.18, your score will be calculated by dividing 5 by 3.18 and then multiplying by 10,000 for a score of 15,723 points. Conversely, if another golfer has 4 Stableford points less than the mean in the same competition with the same standard deviation, they will score -12,578 points. This is the fairest way to compare scores from different competitions played at different courses. Just think of it this way, the more Stableford points you score above the average, the more Genesis Golf Link Cup points you will accrue. Genesis Golf Link Cup entrants' total scores are their aggregate best 5 and 1 worst round scores.


When can I post my final Genesis Golf Link Cup points?

Series Two is open until 11:59pm, Sunday October 14.


Is there a minimum number of players required before a club competition can count towards the Genesis Golf Link Cup?

Yes. Because the points system is based on an average of total scores, to avoid any unfair anomalies the Genesis Golf Link Cup requires a club competition of at least seven men or seven women to be considered eligible. These players do not all have to be registered to play in the Genesis Golf Link Cup.

Disqualified (DQ), Ad Hoc scores and Conforming Social Scores do not count towards a players' six (6) rounds. From Series One, 2017 No Score Not Approved rounds are treated as described in the Score and Program Changes, 2017.


Will my club be eligible for the club competition prizes in A, B and C Grades?

Clubs must have 16 members as registered participants of the Genesis Golf Link Cup before they are eligible for first, second and third place prizes in A, B and C grade. There is no minimum of Genesis Golf Link Cup participants required in any club competition for that particular competition to be eligible.


Will the person with the best score at the end of the competition win the Major Prize?

No. Registered players who play the minimum number of six rounds in Series One will go into the draw to win the Major Prize, a Genesis G80 luxury sedan with automatic transmission valued at up to $80,000.


What is Drop a Round?

Golf can be a hard game, and every player in the Genesis Golf Link cup is guaranteed to have a bad round occasionally. We want to help so for each series of the Genesis Golf Link Cup you can choose to 'Drop a Round'. This means, you can choose one round each series to be 'dropped' which will not be counted towards your Genesis Golf Link Cup score. 


How do I Drop a Round?

Head to your member profile page and you will see the 'Drop Round' button to the right of each round. Find the round you would like to drop and press the corresponding Drop Round button. Be careful and choose carefully as you only get one opportunity to Drop A Round throughout each series and there is no going back once you have submitted the round to be dropped. Please note NSNA rounds are not eligible to be dropped.


When can I Drop a Round?

You must complete the Drop A Round by the end of the next competition week. For example if you play a round in Week 4 you have until the end of Week 5 to drop this round, as soon as Week 6 begins the round from Week 4 will become ineligible to be dropped.   


What handicaps are assigned to each grade?

For the purpose of the Genesis Golf Link Cup, A Grade will be defined as golfers with a plus GA Handicap through to 12, B Grade will consist of players with GA Handicaps of 13-19 and C Grade will consist of golfers with a GA Handicap of 20 and greater.


Who will qualify to play in the Genesis Golf Link Cup National Final in November?

In each Series, the two best golfers by Genesis Golf Link Cup score in each of A Grade, B Grade and C Grade will qualify for the final on November 16th. The next two best female golfers regardless of grade will also qualify. The final will be a formal handicapped round with Stableford scoring.


Will it cost me anything to play in the final?

No. However, there may be additional costs for accompanying partners.


Contact Information

After reading the above FAQ please contact Golf Link at info@genesisgolflinkcup.com.au for any further questions.

For any further information on Genesis, visit genesis-motors.com.au/

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