Vertigo helps Richard scale new heights

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 30/09/2016 7:42am

A bout of vertigo might have cost Jason Day a chance at winning the 2015 US Open but it’s been the key to success for Week Eight A grade runner-up Richard Zionzee.

The 59-year-old was diagnosed with a mild case of the condition a fortnight ago and says a conscious effort since to maintain his balance during the swing has led to some fantastic golf.

Richard, who lives next door to his home club of St George’s basin on the south coast of NSW, says while he doesn’t recommend the illness as a path to improvement there’s no arguing with the results in his case.

“The doctor said I had to do exercises and stuff for the vertigo but he also said that when I play golf I need to keep everything smooth,” he said.

“When I do any sort of quick movement that’s when I get the dizzy spells so I just took his advice and concentrated on keeping things smooth and I can’t believe how well I hit the ball.

“Everything has just been coming off the clubface beautifully and so much straighter as well, I seem to have lost my normal slice.

“I’ve been making a point of not looking up until quite a while after the ball has gone as well and it just all seems to be working great.”

Richard, who retired from the navy several years ago and plays an average of five times per week, says he even managed a 46-point round with his new found swing.

“I played well all week,” he said. “I won a Vet’s tournament away early in the week and then had 46 points on Saturday so I can’t complain.”

Richard’s good play has earned him a dozen Callaway Super Soft golf balls as have fellow runners-up Peter Green of Dunheved GC in Sydney in B Grade and Lee Wills of Rosebud CC in Victoria in C Grade.

Winners this week and earning a dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are Michael Edward of Kew GC in Victoria in A Grade, Graeme Thomas of Arundel Hills in Queensland in B Grade and Terrie Moran of Kiama GC in NSW in C Grade.

Rounding out the podium in Week Eight and winning a Callaway adjustable hat are Phoenix Campbell of Huntingdale GC in Victoria in A Grade, David Dunnett of Tenterfield GC in NSW in B Grade and Chris O’Connor of Yarra Yarra GC in Victoria in C Grade.

Week Nine is now underway with thousands more winners to be announced next week.

Click here for a full list of Week 8 Club Winners.


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