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Feature Club: Commonwealth Golf Club, VIC

  • The Tournament Director
  • 15/06/2018 10:32am

The Commonwealth Golf Club in Melbourne is home to the kind of history you’d expect from a championship venue closing in on its centenary.

Work Plays Havoc With Brian's Golf

  • The Tournament Director
  • 15/06/2018 10:22am

If you’re looking for the secret to watching your handicap balloon from 10 out to 20, Week 14 Genesis Golf Link Cup B Grade winner Brian Lewin can help.

Victory for Virginia's Van Beekhuizen

  • The Tournament Director
  • 08/06/2018 10:09am

A ‘very average golfer’ by her own admission, Virginia Golf Club’s Robyn Van Beekhuizen never expected to make golfing headlines but that’s all changed after Week 13.

A Drive to Match your own, the all new Genesis G70

  • The Tournament Director
  • 06/06/2018 12:39pm

You don’t achieve your best scores without possessing drive. It’s an irresistible force that motivates you to make the best of every shot.

Feature Club: Yarra Yarra Golf Club, VIC

  • The Tournament Director
  • 31/05/2018 2:56pm

Historic, prestigious and luxurious: those three words are each fitting descriptions of Yarra Yarra Golf Club on the Melbourne Sandbelt.

Hatton's All-time Haul

  • The Tournament Director
  • 31/05/2018 1:56pm

Tasmanian Robyn Hatton may have never scored better on her home course than she did in Week 12 of the Genesis Golf Link Cup.

Titleist Introduces All-New Tour Soft Golf Balls

  • The Tournament Director
  • 25/05/2018 10:46am

The continued pursuit of breakthrough technology and performance by Titleist golf ball engineers has resulted in the all-new Titleist Tour Soft golf balls, now available in golf shops worldwide.

Andrew Ecstatic With Under-par Performance

  • The Tournament Director
  • 25/05/2018 7:53am

Genesis Golf Link Cup Week 11 A Grade winner Andrew Mansfield wasn’t even going to play last Saturday but he now has 69 very special reasons why he’s glad he did.

Team Effort LK An International Affair

  • The Tournament Director
  • 24/05/2018 9:16am

If the Genesis Golf Link Cup was the Presidents Cup then ‘Team Effort LK’ might have to change their name to ‘Team International’.

The Lake Karrinyup based side boasts members from all corners of the globe with Wales, South Africa, the UK and Australia all represented.

Feature Club: Manly Golf Club, NSW

  • The Tournament Director
  • 24/05/2018 9:00am

You don’t have to travel far north of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge to find a golf club that’s both progressive and rich with history.

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