Stuart's big day out a Week Two Winner

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 16/03/2017 1:24pm

Perhaps Stuart Morgan should have realised something special was afoot on the very first hole.

The Week Two C Grade winner hooked his second shot so badly at Anglesea’s first hole he thought it would be ‘two streets away’.

But after four minutes of the allotted five searching for the wayward ball his playing partner beckoned from just left of the fairway.

“He asked if that as the ball I as playing and it was,” says a still sheepish Stuart.

“It had hit something and bounced back in play and none of us saw it. And it was kind of a classic example of the kind of day I had.”

Stuart went on to register 11 up in the par event he played that day, an extraordinary effort even off his then 25 (now 24) handicap.

But it is a round that he says will stay with him for a long time.

“I’m sure anyone who’s played this game for any length of time has had something similar happen where everything just goes your way,” he said.

“And that was my day. We all have enough days where things go the other way so I’m enjoying it while I can!”

Stuart, 70, says he has been playing ‘off and on’ for about 20 years, though until recently more off than on.

“It’s just been a natural progression to golf I guess,” he says. “All my mates play, the guys I used to play football and cricket with when we were younger.

“Golf is just the next thing to move on to once the knees and shoulders can’t handle those activities any more.”

For his sterling effort Stuart has won a dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls as have fellow winners Matthew Wogan from Ashgrove GC in Queensland in A grade and Mick Hoy form The Ridge GC in Sydney in B Grade.


Stuart took out first place in C Grade with 37,339 points - click here to see the rest of the winners from Week 2 at a National Level, and at YOUR club.


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