Lyn flying high after Week 10 win

  • The Tournament Director,
  • 14/10/2016 6:47am

It was during a trip away from her day job as a dentist with the Royal Flying Doctor Service last week that Genesis Golf Link Cup Week 10 B Grade runner-up Lyn Mayne came into her own on the course.

The 56-year-old, who has been based at Broken Hill for the past 19 years in one of the world’s more unusual occupations, travelled to the Mornington Peninsula for a week long golf tournament.

Along with good friend and fellow Broken Hill golfer Jenny Stephenson the pair teed up in the Mornington Peninsula Classic, a tournament hosted in a range of courses Lyn openly admits don’t bear much resemblance to her home club in Broken Hill.

“The greens were so fast compared to ours,” she said. “And they have a lot more undulation, too.

“Broken Hill is a beautiful golf course but it’s quite flat so the landscape down there on the Mornington wasn’t what we are used to.

“We had a fantastic time, though. It was wonderful to play some of those courses, they’re so dramatic and fun.”

While it was a long trip to Victoria, travelling to play golf isn’t unusual for Lyn. A member of the winning Broken Hill pennant team this year (the club’s first), she says that competition involves a three hour drive each way most weeks.

“We have to travel to Mildura to play in that so it’s a decent drive each way,” she said.

“But it’s just part and parcel of living in this part of the world. I would want tom live anywhere else, I just love it here.”

Lyn says she goes up in the plane ‘two to three times’ most weeks but rarely on Saturday, which is golf day.

For her good play away from home last week Lyn has won a dozen Callaway Super Soft golf balls as have fellow runners-up Susan Park, from Huntingdale GC in Victoria, in A Grade and Anne Martin, from Sydney’s Wakehurst GC, in C Grade.

Winners this week and taking out a dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are Nigel Black from Muirfield GC in Sydney in A Grade, Duncan Maddison from Shoalhaven Heads GC in NSW in B Grade and Paul Moyle of Killara GC in Sydney in C Grade.

Third place getters this week and wining a Callaway Golf adjustable hat are Russell Armstrong of Coolangatta Tweed Heads GC in NSW in A Grade, Ghassan Zoabi of Liverpool GC in Sydney in B Grade and Kaye Balazs of Commonwealth GC in Victoria in C Grade.

Week 11 is now underway with thousands more winner to be announced next week.

Click here for a full list of Week 10 club winners.

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